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Synchronization Steps

You can follow these steps to download your data records to your computer so that you can access them offline. This will also enable you to synchronize changes to data records made offline using the Hormonal Forecaster desktop version.

  1. If you have not already downloaded and installed the Hormonal Forecaster desktop version (5.2 or later) then you will need to download and install it. You may do so for free here. The desktop version requires your computer to be running any version of Microsoft Windows.
  2. Established Hormonal Forecaster desktop version users will already have a *.HFC desktop data file that they open when running the program. You can optionally create a backup of your data before synchronizing with by using the backup option under the File menu. If you are new to the program, you will first need to run the Hormonal Forecaster (Start > Programs > Hormonal Forecaster > Hormonal Forecaster) and create and save a new file. You can do this by using the New File Wizard (under the File menu). When complete, save your changes (File > Save) and note where you put the file. Make sure that the temperature units specified in the desktop file match your desired units. If they do not, the desktop units will be applied to online records during synchronization and your online setting will be changed.
  3. Run the Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition synchronization utility. You can do so by selecting Launch Web Edition Sync from the File menu of the Hormonal Forecaster desktop version. Refer to Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - Launching Synchronization Utility

  4. From within the Hormonal Forecaster synchronization utility, click the Configure Transfer button at the bottom. Refer to Figure 2.

    Figure 2 - The Web Edition Synchronization Utility

  5. At the configuration screen (Figure 3), you will need to enter the username and password you use to access the Web Edition of the Hormonal Forecaster on MyFertilityCharts.com. This is the same information you enter on the web to login. You will also need to use the Browse button to find the Hormonal Forecaster desktop data file you wish to synchronize with (or download your data to in the case of an empty, new file). This will be the file that you normally open when running the Hormonal Forecaster or created in the prior step. Lastly, you will want to confirm the other settings including the date range, the direction of synchronization (defined in more detail below), and the types of records to transfer. When finished, press Save and Close.

    Figure 3 - Configuration Screen for Synchronization

  6. Now you are ready to synchronize records. Make sure you are connected to the internet and press Transfer Data. Refer to Figure 2.
  7. The utility will prompt you stating that this is likely the first time you have synchronized. If this is not the first time you have synchronized, read the notes below for more information. If it is, you can simply press Ok, set a way to handle conflicts, and then press Restart Transfer. The decision of which records overwrite which will only affect records that exist on both the desktop version and the web edition. If you do not have any desktop version data yet (a new file) or do not have any online records (either case), then the choice does not matter. If you do, then you will need to decide which records you want to win during synchronization. Once you have made a choice, press Restart Transfer.

    Figure 4 - Specify How to Handle Conflicting Records

  8. Upon restarting the transfer, the synchronization utility will attempt to connect to the web edition. The Status Log will display status update messages while synchronization occurs (Figure 5). Several records may be uploaded and downloaded depending upon the types of records you specified to synchronize and the date range used. Any problems synchronized will also be displayed. More information on common problems are shown below.

    Figure 5 - Successful synchronization

Supported Data Fields

Not all data fields can be synchronized between the desktop software and MyFertilityCharts.com. This is because some types of data are not supported on both platforms. For example, the web edition supports more event types than the desktop software. The desktop software only supports 20 custom events. Matching custom events will synchronize, but other events will not be accessible from the desktop software. Other fields like reminders, notes (excluding personal notes which do synchronize), gap temperatures, and other fields are also not supported.

In general, fields that are accessible in both platforms will be synchronized. Those that are not, will not. Recorded pregnancies are one exception to this. Both platforms support these, but it is not synchronized.

Data Transfer Direction

You can specify the direction of data transfer to control how records are copied. By doing so, you can ensure that one source of data will overwrite the other source. This will only occur when a record exists on both sources. To be conservative, records may not necessarily be deleted from the other source. You can always create a new desktop data file that is empty if you want to start from scratch.

Whenever you specify a new file to synchronize with, the synchronization utility should prompt you about the change. The web edition keeps track of changes made online since you last synchronized. When you change desktop files, these tracked changes become irrelevant. Your new file may also have completely different data. You will be asked how to handle conflicting records with the new source. This will affect all records in the system at the time the change is made, although not all data will necessarily be transferred at once depending upon your selected date range.

Normally it is not recommended to change your desktop data file source unless you are changing it to specify a new and empty desktop data file. In this case, the direction selected does not matter.

You should also not attempt to synchronize your data records regularly with more than one PC or more than one Hormonal Forecaster data file. Doing so can cause unexpected results based on the order of synchronization relative to changes made.

Common Errors and Resolutions

Error: Could Not Find Hormonal Forecaster
Resolution: You need to have the Hormonal Forecaster version 5.2 or later installed to use the synchronization utility. You can check the version of the Hormonal Forecaster desktop by selecting About the Program from the Help menu. The synchronization utility must reside in the same path as the Hormonal Forecaster to function correctly.

Error: File Version Difference
Resolution: The HFC data file you are trying to synchronize with was saved with an earlier version of the Hormonal Forecaster that is incompatible with this synchronization utility. Backup the file if desired and then open it with version 5.2 or later of the desktop program and save the changes. This will upgrade the file to the latest data format and allow you to perform a web synchronization.

Error: File Not Found
Resolution: The HFC data file that you specified does not exist. Push the Configure Transfer button and make sure that you specified a valid HFC data file to synchronize with. Use the Browse button to select a different file. If you do not already have a file, run the Hormonal Forecaster and create one (File > New; File > Save).

Error: Hormonal Forecaster Running
Resolution: Close the desktop version program. You cannot run the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software while attempting to synchronize. This is required to avoid the possibility of unsaved changes in the desktop version not being considered for synchronization or later being saved to overwrite the result of synchronization.

Error: Connection Error
Resolution: The utility was unable to access the web edition server. Make sure that you are connected to the internet and the utility is able to access the internet through your firewall. You can verify that you can connect to the server by attempting to login to the web edition manually.

Error: Invalid username and/or password
Resolution: Specify your username and password after pressing the Configure Transfer button. Be sure to use the same login you use the access this website.

Error: You tried to login with an invalid password too many times. Your password was reset.
Resolution: You will need to use the forgotten password link to recover your password. You attempted to connect to the server too many times using an invalid password.

Error: Online validation of registration failed
Resolution: The server and your desktop software are out of synchronization. Email Hormonal Forecaster support with this error message and your online account will be updated to correctly reflect your software status.

If you receive another error message or a Server Error message, then you should email techinical support for further instructions. If possible, try to avoid synchronizing again to preserve the error condition for diagnostic purposes.

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