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Ovulation Estimates and Charting Videos

Your Fertility Charts include a table containing multiple ovulation estimates and confidence indicators (5-star scoring of certainty, completeness, and quality). These videos help you understand how to make sense of each of these.

Ovulation Estimates - Understanding Multiple Estimated Ovulation Dates:
MyFertilityCharts.com gives you multiple ovulation date estimates based upon different symptoms and techniques. This video helps you understand how these different dates are displayed and are combined to create an overall ovulation date. If you disagree with the overall estimate, viewing the other estimates may help you manually specify an ovulation date.

Confidence Scores - Understanding Certainty, Completeness, and Quality:
This video explains how to interpret the 5-star confidence scores given on MyFertilityCharts.com for Certainty, Completeness, and Quality. These help you understand how much confidence you can place on your overall estimated ovulation date.

Older Presentation Videos

This training presentation was recorded and can be viewed online. It is split into multiple sections. They are intended to be watched in order, but you can jump around if you are only interested in certain topics. It shows an older user interface no longer used at MyFertilityCharts although many of the pages are similar. You can also manually view the presentation slides in PDF format. These are the same slides that are shown in the video format of the presentation but without the narration.

The presentation is split up into multiple sections:

  1. Basic Navigation
  2. Recording Information
  3. Fertility Charts
  4. Fertility Charts (Continued)
  5. Advanced Charting Tools
  6. Calendar View
  7. Advanced Analysis Tools
  8. Data Sharing
  9. Message Boards and Messages
  10. Miscellaneous Administration

Part 1 - Basic Navigation:
This portion of the presentation covers basic site navigation including the main menu, the compact menu, and the mini calendar.

Part 2 - Recording Information:
This portion of the presentation covers how to record information. It specifically looks at how to record fertility symptoms, events, and reminders.

Part 3 - Fertility Charts:
This portion of the presentation begins to explain fertility charts. It describes how to load fertility charts and starts to explain how to interpret them.

Part 4 - Fertility Charts (Continued):
This portion of the presentation finishes the discussion of fertility charts. In addition to discussing reading of charts, it also explains calculated ovulation dates, chart display options, and the chart library fields.

Part 5 - Advanced Charting Tools:
This portion of the presentation covers chart overlays, side by side chart comparisons, and the chart library.

Part 6 - Calendar View:
This portion of the presentation covers the calendar view page of the site.

Part 7 - Advanced Analysis Tools:
This portion of the presentation covers event analysis, cycle statistics, recommended ovulation testing dates, gender swaying, and pregnancy pages of the site.

Part 8 - Data Sharing:
This portion of the presentation covers data sharing. It explains how you can access other user's data that is being shared with you and also control your data sharing permissions.

Part 9 - Message Boards and Messages:
This portion of the presentation briefly discusses the fertility exchange message boards, the public message boards, and private messages.

Part 10 - Miscellaneous Administration:
This portion of the presentation covers account history, synchronization support, basic account settings, and managing your subscription.